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Shipping Rates

Estimate international shipping rates and duties and taxes in your local currency to get a landed cost estimate.

International Tracking

Use our global tracking software to check on the status of your package, any time.

Personal Shopper

Consider our personal shopper services, and let us help you get the items you want.

  • Value-Added Services
  • Loss and Damage Protection
  • Rates and Payment Options
  • Take advantage of value-added services from FedEx® Cross Border. In addition to our services listed above, we provide:


    Consolidate multiple orders from separate vendors into one international shipment. This can significantly reduce cost, simplify tracking, streamline the customs process, and expedite shipment delivery to your destination country.

    FedEx Cross Border will hold any item up to 21 days to allow you to consolidate your shipments. Simply log in to your FedEx Cross Border account, select the various items in your account you would like to send together as one shipment, and choose Ship. You will then be prompted to complete your order.

    Photos of Your Items

    Want to see if the red sweater you ordered is truly red? Want to know if all six wine glasses are intact? FedEx Cross Border takes digital pictures of each item before it's shipped internationally. These images are posted, at no cost to you, to your FedEx Cross Border account for your review. This helps you to verify you'll receive what you ordered — prior to incurring international shipping fees, duties, and taxes. If the sweater is blue or one wine glass is broken, we can help initiate the return process to the retailer.

  • Loss and Damage Protection for Your Shipments

    You expect your packages to arrive on time and intact. FedEx Cross Border team members are consistently trained and evaluated on proper packaging methods. While we do our best to prevent damage, international shipping can be a rough business and items are, at times, damaged. When you submit your items for shipment, our Loss and Damage Protection option is the default selection, and we encourage our members to utilize it. The cost of this protection is only 2% of the order value.

    If damage should occur on a shipment with Loss and Damage Protection, you must submit a claim within 7 days of the receipt of the package.

    Claims for missing shipments must be filed within 7 days of the expected delivery date. You can submit a claim through the member portal.

    Once a claim is approved, we will replace the cost of the damaged or lost items and the international transportation costs.

    Claims will be paid by check or refunded to the account you used to purchase the items.

    If you choose to opt out of Loss and Damage Protection, you will not have the ability to file a claim for loss or damage to your shipment.

  • Rates and Payment Options

    Estimate shipping rates and payment options with ease. Our Estimate Shipping Rates tool can help guide you through the process.

    For your convenience, we currently accept the following payment options:

    • American Express
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Diner's Club
    • Discover
    • JCB Card
    • BC Card

Bongo International is now FedEx® Cross Border.

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