FedEx Cross BorderSM Export is our most robust solution and seamless global retail product. API technology enables full customization of its components, making it a complete behind-the-scenes international e-commerce solution.

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Benefits of Export

A seamless international checkout experience enables the merchant to maintain control over the customer experience, while still allowing your organization to outsource fulfillment complexities of an international e-commerce operation. Our FedEx Cross Border Export solution provides:

  • Seamless site integration
  • Positive shopping experience
  • Full landed cost calculation
  • Export assistance
  • HS classification
  • Universal tracking
  • Support for currency conversion
  • Expedited global transit options
  • Drop shipper benefits
  • Service to over 200 countries and territories

How it Works

FedEx Cross Border is a fully integrated solution. Our API technology provides valuable data, including real-time duty and tax calculations and international shipping costs. The presentation of these amounts to international shoppers can be customized according to each retailer's preferred method of display.

Due to the customization capability of the FedEx Cross Border Export integrated solution, it's important to speak with a knowledgeable account specialist. If you're interested in expanding into international markets while maintaining your brand's integrity, schedule a demonstration today.

Let Us Help You Expand Globally

Interested in expanding your business into the international market? Want to open your doors to international consumers? Learn how easy it can be to support global e-commerce with the help of FedEx Cross Border global e-commerce solutions.

Email your information to fcbsales@ftn.fedex.com and an account specialist will contact you.