Reach out to international consumers through your existing e-commerce infrastructure with FedEx Cross BorderSM Checkout, an integrated and secure international checkout solution. Checkout enhances transactions and offers a wealth of benefits, including plug-in extensions for shopping cart platforms, a localized experience for international shoppers and secure transactions.

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Don't start from scratch. The seamless technology is provided within plug-in extensions for 20 of the most popular shopping cart platforms.

Localized Experience

Help attract international customers by customizing their experience. Checkout speaks their language, bills in their currency, and accepts many of the most popular payment methods.

Secure Transactions

Worried about the risk of fraudulent transactions? With Checkout, FedEx Cross Border assumes the risk and processes the payments for you.

  • Features and Functionality
  • Integration
  • Payment Methods and Localization
  • Features and Functionality

    FedEx Cross Border Checkout helps you expand your business globally while continuing to ship locally. You ship to one of our domestic locations, and we'll see that it gets to your customer's doorstep – no extra hassle for you. You don't have to deal with any international shipping or paperwork, because we take your global orders the rest of the way.

    FedEx Cross Border connects you to global customers, giving you access to consumers in over 200 countries and territories.

  • Integration

    FedEx Cross Border easily integrates into your existing e-commerce platform. The seamless technology is provided within plug-in extensions for 20 of the most popular shopping cart platforms, so you can start accepting international orders sooner. With a number of options to integrate with your Order Management System, many organizations can be up and running within less than two business weeks of IT investment.

  • Payment Methods and Localization

    FedEx Cross Border Checkout accepts over 80 currencies, includes 15 payment options and provides the added security of payment fraud protection. Checkout provides a convenient shopping experience for your customers. They enjoy a localized experience, meaning checkout will occur in the customer's local language and currency. Then FedEx Cross Border calculates the full landed cost for them.

Let Us Help You Expand Globally

Interested in expanding your business into the international market? Want to open your doors to international consumers? Learn how easy it can be to support global e-commerce with the help of FedEx Cross Border global e-commerce solutions.

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Reduce Service Fees

Enjoy the convenience of FedEx Cross Border Checkout without ongoing commissions. The only charge we pass through is a minimal processing fee.