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No matter what products or services your business provides, having a functional, easy-to-use website is essential. Making it easy for customers to use your site allows them to do the one thing you want them to do: buy from you.

With the proper global e-commerce tools, your site can provide an excellent purchasing experience for customers — one that will adapt to them!

You should know that foreign currency conversion plays a large role in providing a user-friendly website for your international customers. But, what else can e-tailers do to make running a global business easier?

Well, for one, be sure the checkout tool(s) for your site are mobile-optimized. According to 2015 projections by Internet Retailer and data from the 2016 Mobile 500, "U.S. mobile commerce sales will total $104.05 billion, up 38.7% from $75.03 billion in 2014." Internet Retailer also estimated that "mobile commerce in 2015 will grow 2.58 times faster than total e-commerce sales, which Internet Retailer projects will grow 15% this year to an estimated $350.64 billion." Today, people are using smartphones more and more for things we all formerly used a desktop computer for, including shopping online. Now, shoppers on your site can purchase from you when they're on the go!

Next, be sure to provide quality checkout solutions. How? Allow for easier integration and implementation with a plug-in extension for a shopping cart platform — an e-commerce solution that enables your business to reach international consumers through your existing infrastructure.

Additionally, provide a localized experience for your international shoppers. It's important to know where your customer is shopping from, speak their language, bill in their currency and accept their form of payment.

Ease your global consumers' minds about billing, calculation, exchange rate and other headaches that can come with shipping internationally.