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Turning Mobile Browsers Into Mobile Buyers

Person on mobile phone

Remember when the only thing we used our phones for was to place a call and maybe play a game (or five)? Today, people are using their mobile devices to do almost everything, and that includes shopping.

In a previous post, we talked about mobile optimization being one of the top e-commerce trends to look for in 2016. But how can e-tailers get consumers to shop, and keep shopping, on their phones? Browsing is one thing, but the ultimate goal is to convert those browsers into buyers. We have a few ideas about how to do that.

Secure transactions: According to Total Retail, "43 percent of consumers would shop more on their mobile device if they had more confidence in the security of their transactions.” By safeguarding mobile apps, e-tailers have a chance to ease the nerves of their shoppers and, in turn, have an opportunity to increase revenue.

Fast load times: We've all been there. You're in the process of trying to search the Internet on your phone, and the snail's pace of the site begins to frustrate you. It's hard to browse, much less buy, if the site you're on is taking seemingly forever to load. According to Total Retail, "Of those surveyed, 61 percent would be deterred from purchasing on a mobile device if the site was slow to load. Moreover, more than half of respondents said that if their connection to a mobile website was slow, they would purchase on their desktop or laptop later."

Easy navigation: If a site is too complicated for consumers to navigate, chances are they will give up and go elsewhere. Don't push shoppers away with a difficult-to-navigate mobile site. Let's face it, the easier a purchase is to make, the more likely the customer is to make it.

The rise of mobile shopping provides another opportunity for e-tailers to engage their customers. With security, speed, and an organized, efficient design, mobile browsing can turn into mobile buying!

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